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First, there was a  teacher who loved books almost as much as she loved little children. Then, there was an artist who loved pirates, almost as much as he loved cats. As it turns out, that artist could also write, and that teacher loved the pirate stories he wrote. And she shared those stories with the children she taught. The children loved the pirate stories; they also loved the cats. They wanted more stories with pirates and cats. They also wanted an adventure! And the stories gave them so many adventures! And that is that: Storm Literary Agency came about because it needed to. The children requested it. And so did the cats. 

Storm Literary Agency welcomes submissions from unique and talented authors and illustrators, those who are not afraid to embrace their capacity to teach, to entertain, to engage and to honor young people who, hopefully, will be changed by the work represented here.

Monica M. Roe


Twitter:  @monica_roe  • Facebook: • Instagram:    Old Swamp Apiary  • YouTube:  Old Swamp Apiary

Twitter: @monica_roe • Facebook: • Instagram: Old Swamp Apiary • YouTube: Old Swamp Apiary

Monica M. Roe grew up in a tiny farm town and spent most of her childhood holed up in a corner of the library, where she was once almost locked in at closing time (she didn’t see this as a problem; the librarian felt otherwise). On rare occasions when she wasn’t reading, she could usually be found roaming in the woods or performing poorly in gym class. 

As a pre-health major at St. Lawrence University, Monica spent most of her time in biology or chemistry labs, but also managed to squeeze some writing classes into her schedule. 

Monica holds a doctorate in physical therapy from Clarkson University and an M.F.A. in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts and has devoted her clinical practice to rural and underserved communities. While most of her practice has focused on the Alaskan bush, she has also worked extensively in rural South Carolina and southern Belize. In Belize, she worked with the local Ministry of Education to help develop and implement an annual program for disability awareness and inclusion in over 50 primary schools. 

She currently divides her time between Alaska, where she is a physical therapy consultant for schools on the Seward Peninsula and St. Lawrence Island, and rural South Carolina, where she and her family operate a small apiary. Her clinical and research interests focus upon community-based inclusive development (CBID), which is a holistic and human rights-based approach to rehabilitation that seeks to put people with disabilities and their family members at the center of the decision-making process. 

Monica’s projects are geared toward the middle-grade and YA audience. She enjoys writing multiple genres both fiction and non-fiction, and especially loves talking about bees and beekeeping to anyone who will listen and all of her queen bees are named Pandora. 

Previous publications include Thaw (Front Street, 2008), which was a 2008 Cybils Young Adult Fiction Finalist, and Woolly Weather Woes (Spider; Nov2005, Vol. 12 Issue 11, p19), Dragon Difficulties (Spider; Oct2004, Vol. 11 Issue 10, p25).