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First, there was a  teacher who loved books almost as much as she loved little children. Then, there was an artist who loved pirates, almost as much as he loved cats. As it turns out, that artist could also write, and that teacher loved the pirate stories he wrote. And she shared those stories with the children she taught. The children loved the pirate stories; they also loved the cats. They wanted more stories with pirates and cats. They also wanted an adventure! And the stories gave them so many adventures! And that is that: Storm Literary Agency came about because it needed to. The children requested it. And so did the cats. 

Storm Literary Agency welcomes submissions from unique and talented authors and illustrators, those who are not afraid to embrace their capacity to teach, to entertain, to engage and to honor young people who, hopefully, will be changed by the work represented here.

Twitter:  @garyfabbri  • Facebook:    garyfabbriart  • Website:

Twitter: @garyfabbri • Facebook: garyfabbriart • Website:

Gary was raised on his grandmother's stories. She'd send him, his brother, sister and a group of his cousins on worldwide adventures. One day they would join the circus and another fly around the world in a hot air balloon.

One time Gary managed to save the Golden Gate Bridge from collapse with an indestructible shoelace. Another time, he travelled to Africa to assist local park rangers protecting the nearly extinct black rhinoceros from a group of evil poachers.

Grandma lived in a tiny cabin on the edge of a small town by a lake with a dog, Jeffry, two cats, and a large calico duck who liked nothing better than to steal Jeffry's crunchy dog nuggets from a bowl on the back porch. When she wasn't telling stories, she cooked and listened to the radio.

As soon as Gary was old enough, he set out on his own adventures. He moved to Europe after finishing an MBA and an MA in English Literature and he's worked as a writer & director in London and Stockholm for television channels such as NBC, CNBC, Fox Kids, Discovery, and Disney.

Gary loves telling stories in words and pictures. The combination of writing and illustration keeps him inspired because there's always something new to learn and explore.

He still remembers his grandmother's voice when he sits down in the early morning in his Stockholm studio to write his own stories.

When he's not writing or painting, you can find Gary out playing soccer with his two boys Maxi and Ruben, cooking or jogging around the nearby lake.

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