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First, there was a  teacher who loved books almost as much as she loved little children. Then, there was an artist who loved pirates, almost as much as he loved cats. As it turns out, that artist could also write, and that teacher loved the pirate stories he wrote. And she shared those stories with the children she taught. The children loved the pirate stories; they also loved the cats. They wanted more stories with pirates and cats. They also wanted an adventure! And the stories gave them so many adventures! And that is that: Storm Literary Agency came about because it needed to. The children requested it. And so did the cats. 

Storm Literary Agency welcomes submissions from unique and talented authors and illustrators, those who are not afraid to embrace their capacity to teach, to entertain, to engage and to honor young people who, hopefully, will be changed by the work represented here.

Mirka Breen


 Twitter:  @MirkaBreen  • Facebook: • Website:

Twitter: @MirkaBreen • Facebook: • Website:

Mirka Breen was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel.

In first grade, Mirka discovered story books. Books seemed to convey some deep truths, and ask very good questions. She kept lots of books by her bedside, the way some keep their favorite stuffed animals.

In a way, the die was cast then. Some day she would grow up to write stories for children.

 Mirka now lives in California, in a small house by the sea. At least her home seems to be close to the sea if you look at a map. You’d have to walk a few blocks and then you’d get a glimpse of the ocean, on a very clear day. But she thinks “by the sea” sounds better. Mirka shares her home and anchor with  her husband, three adopted cats, and two rapidly maturing children who visit on college breaks, and come home to nest in the summer.

When not weeding, cooking or cleaning, Mirka writes stories. (Full disclosure— writing every week day.) Two of her stories were traditionally published, one picture book and one award-winning novel for pre-teens.

You can read more about Mirka on her website and her blog