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First, there was a  teacher who loved books almost as much as she loved little children. Then, there was an artist who loved pirates, almost as much as he loved cats. As it turns out, that artist could also write, and that teacher loved the pirate stories he wrote. And she shared those stories with the children she taught. The children loved the pirate stories; they also loved the cats. They wanted more stories with pirates and cats. They also wanted an adventure! And the stories gave them so many adventures! And that is that: Storm Literary Agency came about because it needed to. The children requested it. And so did the cats. 

Storm Literary Agency welcomes submissions from unique and talented authors and illustrators, those who are not afraid to embrace their capacity to teach, to entertain, to engage and to honor young people who, hopefully, will be changed by the work represented here.

Essie White used to be a teacher, and before she was a teacher, she was a graduate student studying Emergent Literacy in Early Childhood Education. It may have been then, or it may have been long before, but at some point, Essie White fell in love with Children's Literature, and it has been the focus of her life ever since.

After earning her MA in Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education, Essie spent several years creating and developing literature based curricula for elementary level programs. She provided classes for parents and educators, specifically addressing emergent literacy in children ages birth to age 8, prior to opening Young Child Academy, an early childhood program. During her tenure as Director at Young Child Academy, Essie wrote several books both with other educators, as well as with the children. For often, she discovered, the best books come from the children themselves! 

Essie considers Storm Literary Agency an extension of what she loves most: Children and Literature. And she cannot imagine one without the other. She desires to work with clients who have not quite forgotten what it was like to be children, who loved books as children, and love them just as much today.


                                                                                Stacy Little

Stacy Little grew up, and currently lives, in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and her teen-aged daughter.  Though she took a few years off for mothering, she has spent the better part of the last twenty-five years working with young children. With a Master’s in Teaching and years of experience, Stacy understands the importance of nurturing a love of books by exposing children to quality literature.
"While I love all aspects of teaching, the most enjoyable moments have happened during conversations with my young students. I am passionate about engaging children in rich language experiences. It is a wonderful thing to witness those instances when ideas are sparked, connections are made, similarities are noticed, questions are asked, or answers are discovered. Whether reading a book, writing a story, or creating a poem together, it is the art of language that I find so inspiring.  It is for this reason that I love a good book! Picture books, chapter books, poetry books…A truly good book is thought-provoking. A truly good book can start a conversation."

Stacy's knowledge of early childhood education and literature, as well as her vast experience utilizing books inside and outside of the classroom, enables her to readily assist with our picture books and early readers.



                                                                          Lauren Lindsey White


Reading is a lifelong passion for Lauren.  As a young child, she was entranced by the storytelling of Arthur Conan Doyle, Emily Bronte, Robert Louis Stevenson and Tolkien. Over time, her literary interests grew as she was introduced to the works of Toni Morrison, Sam Shepard, Samuel Beckett, Joy Harjo and Nayyirah Waheed. 

Lauren graduated with a degree in Classical Literature and Theatre from Fordham University and then headed to Dublin, Ireland to study at Gaiety.  Lauren has worked as a teacher, tutor, library educator and literary research assistant so, focusing on literature, especially children's literature, felt like a natural transition.

Lauren is also a writer and performer whose plays and poems have been performed and produced at many NYC theatres including: The LAByrinth Theater, Theatre Row, Ensemble Studio Theater, Maggie Flannigan’s Studio, Nuyorican Poets Café, Sidewalk Café, Grounded.. Her one-woman show, "Lauren White Wants You" was recently produced as part of the United Solo Festival after it premiered in a sold out run at the Dublin Fringe Festival in Ireland.

Lauren remains passionate about literature and relishes the opportunity to ensure manuscripts are the best they can be.  She looks for the genius in the work, and strives to ensure those with whom she works, create the best story possible. Her expertise is in middle grade and young adult literature. 


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